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This is 1 of a 13 part series in Grasshopper Basics with David Rutten: 

01 - Interface Basics


The first lesson to you getting started with Grasshopper. Learn about the Grasshopper Canvas and create your first Grassopper definition. 


02 - Multiple Components


The next step in understanding Grasshopper is link multiple components together. Learn here how to work with a series of components to create a solution.

03 - Refining a Definition


The strength of Grasshopper is the ability to edit the model realtime. See here how you can change the original model and refine your definition as you work.

04 - Basics Questions and Answers


Do you have any questions? Perhaps some of these answers will help understand what we have covered so far.

05 - Creating Biarcs


Grasshopper can create solutions that otherwise would be very difficult, if not impossible to constuct in Rhino. The Biarc component is a great example of a function that exists in Grasshopper that would be diffcult to construct in Rhino.

06 - Displaying the Definition with Colors


Once you have definitions, you may want to use colors to highlight or inspect areas based on the different object Properties. This is an excellent way to visualize the data based on criteria you can setup.

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