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07 - Lofting Multiple Curves in GH


Using Grasshopper to creating Surfaces through the dynamic curves is a powerful way to model. David has a few key tips to make the surfaces high quality.

08 - Creating Components with Custom Default


Here are tips and shortcuts in making new components already configured to your definition quicker and easier.

09 - How to get Support and find Samples


Want to know how best to get help, get your questions answered and find samples you can use in your own definitions? David reviews the Grasshopper website to show you the resources avalable.

10 - Using Multiple Inputs


Learn a great trick to make editing your definitions easier. This is invaluable as your definitions become more complex.

11- Generic Components


There are many specific, task based componets in Rhino, but there are also many generic data handling components. 

12 - Lists and Random


This example shows how you can use Lists of objects and a Random number generator to create some interesting models. Understanding how Rhino handles lists of Objects and values is key to creating your own solutions.

13 - Shortcuts Tips Working with Sliders


Still have questions. Here are various tips and tricks from David that may fill in some of the gaps.

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